Construction Draw Inspection

The construction of a commercial property is an intricate affair, involving numerous parties and the exchange of large amounts of money before all is said and done. For this reason, Construction Draw Inspections are an excellent tool to safeguard your investment. 

A Construction Draw Inspection follows the progress of construction from beginning to end, ensuring that capital investments are actually being used on loan collateral. 

Our Construction Draw Inspections include both a careful analysis of ‘big picture’ items (status / phase of construction, completion timetable, quality of workmanship, change orders, and stored materials) as well as a detailed investigations (verification of permits/ zoning/ licenses/ taxes and insurance or bonding for the project and contractor, payment recommendations, and job site pictures). 

Ongoing Construction Draw Inspections are an essential aspect of any commercial construction loan. They protect your project from costly mistakes and make the most of the the capital you have invested.

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